Monday, June 18, 2007

[seale trial] Day 9: 'Strange Bedfellows: The Prosecution Rests'

by Matt Saldaña
June 13, 2007

Prosecutors in the James Ford Seale trial rested their case Tuesday, a case built primarily around the testimony of Seale’s confessed co-conspirator, Charles Marcus Edwards. In addition to Edwards’ statement, the prosecution presented corroborating details about Seale’s motive, the Klan’s search for guns on the day of the murder and the nature of Charles Moore and Henry Dee’s drowning. The final dagger, however, came from retired FBI Agent Edward Putz, who testified Tuesday about Seale’s infamous statement during a trip to Jackson after his arrest in Nov. 1964:

“We know you did it, you know you did it, the Lord above knows you did it,” FBI Agent Lenard Wolf told Seale, referring to the kidnapping and murder of Moore and Dee.

“Yes, but I’m not going to admit it; you are going to have to prove it,” Seale replied.

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